Japanese Streetwear made easy with Tokyo Time

Japan Nakama
6 min readApr 29, 2021

Tokyo Time — a symbol of fashion forged on the cuff where East meets West has globalized itself into a headwear sensation. Inspired by Japanese streetwear and western trucker heritage, the Tokyo Time team shares two passions — J culture and a love for caps & hats. At Japan Nakama, we love both!

Tokyo Time is now an official partner of globally recognized names like Euroleague Basketball League, Capcom, Le Mans 24, Prema Racing Team & Misfits Gaming Group (MGG). The brand offers a dynamic selection of caps & hats, hoodies, Ts, socks, and you guessed it! Face masks.

Formed in 2018, Tokyo Time has remarkably grown into an energetic label within the headwear industry. As a UK-based brand, we feel obligated to share their amazing story, not to mention their unique Japanese streetwear collection.

Photo Credit: Good Game All

Inspired by Tokyo’s boroughs, it’s easy to see why Tokyo Time took the market by storm.

Firstly, when it comes to authenticity, the craft is everything. Each piece is quality made with the utmost care of comfort. Design on every product is carried out by the UK Tokyo Time Team and produced worldwide. With bold logos formed with simplistic styles, the snapback hats, flat brim-hats, bucket hats, and classic baseball caps tick each box of Japanese streetwear and urban styles.

Tokyo Time: A Classic Look with Japanese Streetwear Designs

Style is embraced with individualism and change, combining a classic dress-down look with outside-of-the-box designs.

Men, ladies, and kids can all get a taste of Japanese streetwear with the Tokyo Times authentic collection. Designs come with classic themes like Capcom’s Street Fighter 2 and Le Mans 24, scheduled for August.

Here’s what separates Tokyo Time from other streetwear brands with its amazing headwear collection:

Tokyo Time: A Global Partner

Since its 2018 formation, the quality of production and uniqueness in design has been a driving force to Tokyo Times’ success with over 20,000 Instagram followers to date. Serving as a lifestyle/urban label, the brand has also established itself amongst the sporting culture in the Uk and across Europe.

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