AI NO MOCHI: A Japanese Treat from London with Love

Japan Nakama
5 min readApr 17, 2021

Here in the UK, we know how hard it can be to find authentic Japanese products, especially during a pandemic. Thankfully our sweet tooth doesn’t have to suffer.

AI NO MOCHI, a London based Japanese Artisan was introduced by two friends in January 2016 to perfect the craft involved with making traditional Japanese mochi(もち). Hayyan and Kelly quickly found their passion and embarked on a mission to create this authentic Japanese dessert, right here in London.

Today, AI NO MOCHI offers a diverse selection of flavors. From fruit based flavours to cheesecakes, chocolate based centres and some flavour to suit the more traditional asain palate, the offers are endless.

AI NO MOCHI now delivers nationwide in the UK. As business began to thrive once customers got a taste for this Japanese cuisine, delivering nationwide was the only option. Once unwrapping the perfectly presented kawaii selection box and indulging in handmade Japanese mochi, it’s easy to see why food lovers nationwide keep embracing what AI NO MOCHI has to offer.

Here’s a rundown on why we love Japanese mochi as much as you!

The Birth of AI NO MOCHI

Photo Credit: Instagram / @ainomochi

Every great story has a beginning. AI NO MOCHI began in university, where Hayyan and Kelly met and discovered their shared passion for Japanese food. The two embarked on separate paths before realising their true calling…Mochi!

Finding it hard to discover fresh Japanese mochi in London sparked a fire to master the art of mochi making. With a dedication to the craft and some help along the way, AI NO MOCHI was born and became a household name on the streets of London and eventually nationwide. Handmade, authentic Japanese Mochi continues to fly out of AI NO MOCHI HQ to the delight of foodies nationwide.

AI NO MOCHI Flavours

Within the vault of AI NO MOCHI HQ, has rich, breath-taking flavors that almost leaves us speechless at Nakama (and that’s not often!). Each dessert is handmade with exceptional craftsmanship going into every bite. Whatever turns your taste buds, AI NO MOCHI has you covered. Here’s a list that will leave you craving dessert before dinner.


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