Tokyo Time — a symbol of fashion forged on the cuff where East meets West has globalized itself into a headwear sensation. Inspired by Japanese streetwear and western trucker heritage, the Tokyo Time team shares two passions — J culture and a love for caps & hats. At Japan Nakama, we love both!

Tokyo Time is now an official partner of globally recognized names like Euroleague Basketball League, Capcom, Le Mans 24, Prema Racing Team & Misfits Gaming Group (MGG). The brand offers a dynamic selection of caps & hats, hoodies, Ts, socks, and you guessed it! Face masks.


While the term “self-care” is having a bit of a moment in the UK and America right now, it’s existed in many forms in East Asia for centuries. And it’s not just face masks and hashtags on social media, Japanese self-care includes rituals, mindfulness and practising healthy habits. These are the best of Japan’s wellness traditions to try today.


Usually referred to as ‘ofuro’, bathing is a ritualistic activity in Japan. It’s about much more than washing off the day’s dirt — daily baths are considered a way to wash away fatigue and stress and an important part of the…

Japanese Calligraphy (書道), or Shodō (way of writing), is a writing art form that dates back to the 6th century. A craft requiring skill and patience, artists use a brush dipped with ink to express ancient forms of communication with Kanji symbols and characters.

The art form first originated in China. At the time, Japan did not have a written expression of language. Japanese people began to adopt a style through Chinese characters and symbols, thus introducing Japanese calligraphy.

How fun would it be to pick the brain of a Japanese calligraphy artist?

We spoke to Rie Takeda, a UK/Germany-based…

Over the years, the popularity of ‘Anime Subscription Boxes’ has boomed. Combining monthly subscriptions for Anime fans is a great way to express their loyalty as part of the Anime community. Anime Subscription Boxes help you discover more about the anime you like in the form of collectibles and apparel. They’re jam-packed with much anime-themed merch like toys, collectibles, clothing, snacks and can save you a bit of money.

Today, we’ll discuss the best Subscription Boxes around; as not all boxes are created equal, we’ll be going in-depth and give you our top ten options.


Photo Credit: Hello Subscription

If you want to discover…

Face masks have seen an impact on global fashion trends as a result of Covid 19. Anime masks are now becoming an essential accessory for showcasing style while remaining virus-free over time in Japan.

Even before Covid 19, the average Japanese person used 43 masks a year, considerably more than the rest of the world. Even if you have a slight cold, wearing a mask is a sign of discipline and civic duty in Japan. As a result, many Japanese fashion brands had already incorporated masks as a social accessory.

Many of our favourite anime characters wear masks. This post…

We’re big fans of Japanese music as you may have noticed. At Nakama, we’ve promoted Japanese Ongaku Yoru in London and always swap tracks with each other on new finds from contemporary and past artists. One genre of Japanese music has always spoken to me is Enka.

Enka is music from Japan that was created between the ’50s and ’70s. It is usually related to love or perhaps even to drinking and follows a sad theme typically. It’s not a very popular genre of music among the younger generation in Japan, but some aspects of it make it accessible in…

Japanese is ranked by the US Foreign Service Institute as one of the hardest languages to learn for English speakers. The difficulty in going from English to Japanese (or vice versa) probably lies in the huge disparities between the two languages:

  • The Japanese alphabet is fairly complicated, consisting of hiragana (a phonetic lettering system), katakana (the alphabet used mainly for imported words), and kanji (the Chinese characters that have been adopted into the Japanese language).
  • Japanese is a pitch-accent language, meaning that the same word can have different meanings depending on the tone or pitch of a particular syllable. A…

The team at Japan Nakama were kindly invited to attend the most recent London Anime & Gaming Con; a home for anime, gaming, and cosplay in London. Despite having limited personal experience with anime or gaming culture, I was excited and intrigued to explore the convention and find out what it might have to offer for Japan Nakama users. What I found was an inviting and varied environment accessible to all.

The convention offered a multitude of opportunities to its attendees; from cosplay to karaoke; video gaming, board and strategy gaming and Q&A’s with industry experts. …

Virtual reality tech is becoming part of our everyday lives and with a vast array of uses to experiment with, there’s no better time to try VR and the intense and immersive experiences it can offer. There’s no going back now and we’ve come a long way from when the notion of VR was introduced to us back in 1992 in the movie The Lawnmower Man.

One thing is for sure, VR technology takes the gaming experiences to a whole different level.

Japan Nakama are proud to present the launch, this week, of the UK’s first VR Haunted Realms experience…

For horror fans, the sci-fi curious or merely those looking for a fun experience with friends this Halloween season, Shoreditch pop-up HYPER REALITY offers a thrilling glimpse into the future of video games and digital entertainment that you cannot afford to miss.

Using the latest in VR technology, from Valve’s HTC Vive headset to cutting-edge tetherless backpack PCs and hydraulic motion simulation chairs, Hyper-Reality offers a selection of virtual experiences that showcase both the technical capabilities of high-end VR as well as its potential as a storytelling medium.

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